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Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network

Our Mission Statement

We exist to support the struggle against injustice in all its forms. In solidarity with, and by sharing resources with, grassroots campaigners & activists across the globe, who campaign for social justice and civil rights,  we work to oppose all forms of discrimination as a result of gender, sexuality, racial or cultural difference, to end animal exploitation by raising awareness of the importance of animal welfare and its impact on our environment, and to persuade all national governments to appoint a Minister 4 Poverty to make #Refugeesswelcome & #MakePovertyHistory a reality.

Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network

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Latest News

Video: LGBT Community declared enemy of the State (Poland).
Video of a Reclaim Pride March in London Hate and violence against
Kath Duncan who was she?
Listen to our Podcast But the story of Kath Duncan, a powerful
Video: The Forgotten Captives
The forgotten animals being exploited for your entertainment. Watch as trainers enter
Homelessness protest shuts down Whitehall
Kath Duncan team members marching and speaking at this protest. With so
Video: The worst refugee camp on earth – BBC News

We would like to emphasise the impact of earthquakes on some countries


A play by Ray Barron-Woolford

The untold story of the struggle to establish human rights
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