Just One refugee camp in europe , the Kath Duncan team operate supporting LGBTQ and Refugees with education for kids and safe zones for LGBTQ and women and Children.

We need to raise £1.500 NOW so we can get a team to Lesbos in Greece to establish a safe zone with medical  mental health care for the women who are suffering. We also plan to open a pop up school for children. As any parent will be aware, those early years are crucial to give stability  and a future to these kids who have only known war, pain and loss.

To deal with the violence, we need to set up sports projects so young men left all day with nothing to do can play sport against each other instead of fighting every night out of madness and boredom. Sport  can  bridge the divide and  insure the camps are safe for them and  the far too many women and  children just left & forgotten.

This money will get us going, we will need more.

Please donate or make regular monthly payment ,however small, to the Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network:

We Care account Sort Code 089299 Account Number 65659328 .

BUT TODAY. Please give what you can. Watch this video and give what you can. Spread the word, share this appeal across ALL your social medias. HELP us HELP these children and women … why not share this news clip in your work space and make a collection?  Could you help organise a fund-raising event?  Twitter @EcrnKath

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